About Kamp Kone



Kamp Kone is the first offline, in-person Melee event in the UK for 18 months. Brought to you by the organisers of the record breaking tournament series, Heir, Kamp Kone offers a fun, social event for everyone to enjoy, in game and outside. It will take place from 27th-30th of August 2021 at Mount Cook Adventure Centre.

Kamp Kone is strictly an 18+ only event.

Full terms and conditions available here.

Inspired by American Summer Camps, Kamp Kone will have 4 Teams:

  • The Bashful Badgers

  • The Bad Rats

  • The Swole Moles

  • The Wily Woodlice

When you register for the event, you'll be assigned a team.


You can meet your fellow teammates in our Discord Server.
Work together to earn points by playing tournament matches, competing in Sports Day events, supporting your team online and in person and anything else the Kamp Kouncillers deem worthy to win the Ultimate Prize, and avoid the Ultimate Forfeit!

Sign up, play for your team, win points, have fun!


The 4 Teams

(Click on them for more information)